Survey Equipment Rental Services

Professional Survey Engineering Consultancy L.L.C. offers a variety of survey equipment rentals in UAE.

  • GPS survey equipment rentals
  • Mapping equipment rentals
  • Optical survey instrument rentals
  • 3D scanner rentals Laser level rentals

Surveying equipments are offered on rent by the daily, weekly or monthly basis.

At Professional Survey Engineering Consultancy L.L.C., We have a full range of the most technologically advanced hardware and software equipments and solutions for positioning and measuring. we can provide industry leading tools and equipments to help with a wide variety of construction and building projects. Our large comprehensive survey equipment hire fleet is fully maintained by our factory trained staff.

Equipments rentals is a cost effective way to make use of an instrument, saving on the cost of purchase and the ongoing servicing and calibration. We are able to offer exclusive rates to customers for long term rentals.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced field staff and technical support engineers
  • Providing complete service and support to construction, engineering, archaeology and forensic professionals.
  • Next day delivery throughout the UAE, same day delivery when possible.
  • Competitive rates for both long and short term rentals.
  • Professional, friendly and well-organised service.


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