Measured Building Surveys

As a task specific investigation or part of an integrated measured building project, Survey Solutions can provide accurate structural details of key elements in buildings and strctures. Taking detail observations we can produce sections through any alignment to clearly show the various elements and how they relate to each part of the structure in position and level.

GPR Radar surveys can be used to map and position structural details such as rebar, reinforcement mesh and steelwork within the floors, walls and columns of concrete structures to locate existing features to confirm construction processes or avoid striking.

Data can be collected in a number of ways: The tried and tested method, generate an accurate building footprint with internal control points and then sketch and measure the internal layout before constructing the CAD plan from measurements recorded during the site visit.
Using hand-held computers and tablets the surveyor can input spatial data directly from a reflectorless Total Station, hand-held Bluetooth laser measuring device, or manually from a steel tape, constructing and verifying the bulk of the survey whilst on site.
Utilising our own 3D Laser Scanners, facades and structures can be accurately captured in a matter of minutes before being imported into our specialist software systems and converted into 2D CAD drawings or 3D models in CAD.

  • Cross sections
  • Structural details
  • Vertical checks
  • Elevation Details
  • Column alignment
  • Verticality Heights
  • Levels and changes
  • Lift and Stair design