Gate Level Computation & Fixing

The Gate Level Computation is often used for deciding the Gate Level of the Plot comparing to the nearest As-Phalt Road/Ground Level. The Gate Level Computation can be done using the GPS which is tied with the Concerned Datum like Dubai/Abu Dhabi etc and using the Automatic Level Machine, which is rarely using if the GPS is not receiving ay signals.

Our Standards will include:

As applicable, the survey will indicate interlock/asphalt/etc.. around the plot

At least two neighbor road levels or gate levels of 2 neighbors (if available) and if there is no asphalt road around the plot, then at least three points from the nearest asphalt road will be indicated

Photo records of the each plot.

Approval from the concerned Municipality

In addition, we will provide the services for the Gate Level fixing in order to confirm the Municipality approved level for fixing the gate for the property on the site during the progresses of the construction and a filed report will be issued.